Project management allows for a team approach to the construction process. From the initial stages of the project, Corbel will work with you to determine the optimal design and construction methods for your new facilities.

          Although project management is similar to design build in its team approach to construction, it is very different in the way the cost and scope of the project is established.

          In the design build approach, a fixed price contract is agreed to for a specific scope of work. This is a secure and reliable method of construction when there is a clear understanding of the scope of work and adequate time to establish a fixed cost prior to commencing construction. Project Management however, allows for a quicker start-up for your project without a fixed scope of work.

          The approach to project management is that the actual construction costs for a project are paid by the owner in the form of monthly progress bills. There are no builder mark-ups on any of the materials or labour. Corbel provides the construction expertise, architectural and engineering design, administration of sub-contract tenders, site supervision, etc.. and is compensated in the form of a management fee to be negotiated for the specific project. The main benefits of project management over other construction methods are:

  • Quicker start-ups
  • Specific work scope is not required to begin construction
  • "Open Book" accounting system in that the owner is aware of all individual    construction costs.
  • Increased flexibility for changes in design